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Zygote Publishing offers standard 40% industry discounts to all booksellers and 46% to wholesalers. To place an order, please contact us at (780) 439-7580, or email at

All we need is a purchase order number, the name and number of books you would like to order, and a destination. Easy!

Marketing Plans

Please feel free to download our one page, with a marketing overview for Mr. Tourette's Nunt, or read the full press kit.

One Page Marketing overview[288 K]

Full Press Kit [7 pages, 1.2 mB]

Reviews [35K ]

Mingus in the Press [943K]

Signings & Special Events

If you are interested in having one of our authors appear for a signing, please contact us at:

Quote of the Day
[t]his kid
lost in the past
bopping and howling on stage
with Mingus and the Duke

playing jazz to murder by

-Mingus Tourette,  Nunt
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