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Nunt's Author ::: Mingus Tourette

Mingus Tourette was born and raised in western Canada, and has been obsessed with writing and literature from an early age. Since 1999, he has been published regularly online and is now the writer / editor of The Daily Mingus, which is an online serial with a large, fanatical fan base.

Tourette is frequently quoted in local print media on subjects ranging from metrosexuality to the state of poetry in Canada, and continually participates in online debates concerning religion, evolution, and American foreign policy. In 2003, Tourette garnered media attention while protesting the invasion of Iraq. He was photographed wearing a gasmask and an American flag fashioned as a diaper, which later prompted police to detain and interrogate him.

Tourette has been labelled a “shiv-wielding, profanity-hurling church-baiter, but in a good way” (Edmonton Journal, 2003) for his oft-profane tongue and for arriving at interviews with a knife in hand. It is his belief that writers should be treated like rock stars, and should have the right to make a living from the written word.

Mingus Tourette still lives in the west where he is working on his next novel.

He is no longer married and has no children, to the best of his knowledge.

He signs his name:

Mingus Tourette
Emphatic Graphomaniac
Chronic Neologist
Thanaphobic Bastard
Purveyor of Fine Apostasy
Effervescent Fuckaroo
Notorious Drunkard, Esquire

Quote of the Day
[t]his kid
lost in the past
bopping and howling on stage
with Mingus and the Duke

playing jazz to murder by

-Mingus Tourette,  Nunt
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