About the Company

Mission Statement

Zygote Publishing is a collective of highly motivated, like-minded, literature-loving, Western Canadian individuals who are dedicated to presenting literary works in a manner that captivates and entices new audiences. We are a brand new Canadian publishing company. Our goal is to push the envelope, tantalize the mind, and challenge the mundane by publishing unique, controversial, and groundbreaking works.

Literature is about words, ideas, creation, space, and the human condition. We do not want authors who write to satiate the masses. We are looking for authors who do not believe in boundaries but dare you to think and urge the literary world to follow. We publish works that are gutsy, sharp-witted, and heartfelt.

We are dedicated to our writers and we love the books we publish. We will use new methods of communicating the creative force of our writers in order to bring their books to appreciative readers. Watch for our first Zygote Trailer to kick things off soon.

ZP – Purveyors of Furious Writing

Quote of the Day
[t]his kid
lost in the past
bopping and howling on stage
with Mingus and the Duke

playing jazz to murder by

-Mingus Tourette,  Nunt
News / Lit Link of Note
A small forum for active writers. A great place to test out some new work.